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Bronze sliding sleeve fi50 h = 60mm d55

CODE: TUL 50.55.60

Bronze sliding sleeve fi50 h = 60mm d55


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50 mm



material CuSn8 bronze




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gross65,02 PLN

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Product description

Bronze bushings are used to reduce friction and allow smooth movement between two pieces of machinery or structure. They are often made of sliding materials such as bronze, nylon or Teflon to ensure adequate sliding properties.

Due to its properties, bronze is perfect for the production of sliding bushings. It is an alloy characterized by high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance and excellent self-lubricating properties. Bronze sliding bushings have the ability to retain lubricant between moving surfaces, which significantly reduces friction and wear, contributing to long life of mechanical components.

For detailed information about these bronze bushings, their properties and suitability for use, we recommend contacting our representative. You will receive comprehensive information about products and their dimensions. This will allow you to select the right bushings for your specific requirements.